Dotto, in its most intrinsic sense, means singularity; a point of convergence; the circle of life. We do not strive to create ‘just objects’, what we create is a reflection of our experiences and our observations in totality. Design is not something we “make time” for, we try to imbibe each and every experience of our lives into the designs we make.

With each passing day, we learn something new by studying art, architecture, films, music, and all the encounters that make our lives ‘whole’. Our design studio was conceived with the goal of taking this philosophy forward, encompassing different scales of design tied together by a singular idea. Dotto products do not adhere to modern trends of the market but create stories with their unique approach to designs.

We now embark on a new journey, venturing into different disciplines of design; arising from our constant need to learn and explore, to experiment and experience.


Saloni Mehta, residing in Solapur, graduated from MIT Institute of design, Pune in 2018. Furniture designer by profession, Saloni’s avid interest in music especially her love for playing the sitar and being passionate about the cinema expanded her horizons in product design.

Her strong beliefs regarding design sans scale, meaning design and art knows no boundaries of profession, she decided to collaborate with Architect Veeram Shah and Dotto was born..

Dotto resonates with the vision of Saloni’s design approach, as the simple Dot manifests in all forms of art, including products and architecture. Saloni being passionate about exploring materials and especially working on the ground with local craftsmen and artisans alike explored various objects of curiosity.

Dotto products do not adhere to modern trends of the market but create stories with their unique approach to designs. Saloni’s drive to bring some art into day to day lifestyle products is reflected in the range of products she designs and creates. With her mission to promote craftsmen and local artisans, her products provide artisans the opportunity to market their skills in a respectable and fair market.

Veeram Shah grew up in Navsari, a small Parsi town in south Gujarat, which acts as a weekend office for the studio.  

He finished his bachelor’s in architecture from M.M.C.A (Marathwada Mitramandal College of Architecture), Pune. His sensitivity to design comes from his various travels to quaint old Indian Towns, where architecture is not born out of rational Thought, rather out of social context and cultural needs. 

During college, he was introduced to the nuances of the art, architecture, work ethics, and philosophy by Ar. Girish Doshi. 

In the current context, where architecture offices are being run as corporate houses. Veeram believes in a concise and intimate office. 

Where discussions and interactions become more meaningful and stimulating, regardless of the scale of the project. Veeram perceives design as fragments of collective experiences and observations from the mundane to the profound. 

His influences are never constant but unbiased. ranging from Gandhi, Raza, Murakami, Kumar Gandharva to modernists such as Le Corbusier and Scarpa.